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Modern Tech Machining specializes in producing small and/or long, high precision turned parts as well as CNC milled and turned parts for customers throughout the United States. Our sophisticated equipment allows us to run prototype, low-volume, and high-volume production in a variety of materials for any industry, including automotive, defense, aerospace, fastener, and agriculture. Whether you are looking to source a hot prototype job or a high-volume component for a stock and release program, we quote fast and deliver quality parts on time.

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Service & Quality

We have proven experience serving OEM and tier 1 manufacturers across multiple industries. This means we have the equipment, machining knowledge, and quality expertise to meet the most demanding requirements. We are ITAR registered and ISO 9001:2015 certified [PENDING] with certified AS9100 Internal Auditor ownership. We’re passionate about quality management, and ISO standards are the foundation of both our day-to-day operations and business management. We also have an extensive network of secondary suppliers for pre- and post-machining processes.

Industries Served

Machine Solutions for Automotive, Defense, Aerospace, Fasteners, and Various Other Industries

Modern Tech Machining produces precision machined components in all sizes, from tiny dental implants to large fuel nozzles, in a bright and clean ISO compliant facility. Our precision equipment, knowledgeable and experienced staff, and dedication to quality management allow us to serve a variety of industries, from dental and automotive to defense and aerospace.
Fuel Nozzle, Fuel Pressure Regulator Component, Prosthetic Component

Materials and Component Types

Whether your job is a single prototype or a million pieces, we produce parts for the automotive, defense, aerospace, fastener, agriculture, and other industries out of various materials, such as stainless steel, titanium, Inconel, tool steel, brass, and plastics.
Poppet, Tank Component

Value-Added Services

Making Your Job Easier and Providing the Value You Deserve

You came for the low costs, excellent quality, and fast delivery, but you get so much more. Modern Tech Machining is passionate about making our customers’ lives easier. From keeping you informed to scheduling our machines based on your priorities, we’re committed to respectful, kind, and personalized customer service.