The Benefits of 24/7 Machining near Detroit with Modern Tech Machining

The Benefits of 24/7 Machining near Detroit with Modern Tech Machining

Learn the Benefits of 24/7 Machining near Detroit Offered by Modern Tech Machining

At Modern Tech Machining we are specialists in providing precision machined parts for OEMs like auto manufacturers and more. Not only are our finished products machined with precision and assured quality, but they are also able to be machined at high volume. Maintaining our advanced suite of Swiss machines means Modern Tech Machining can provide lights out 24/7 machining near Detroit. While we have skilled machinists working two daily shifts, continuing our work after our doors have closed means we can take on higher volume machining jobs than traditional shops can handle. We invite you to read on to learn more about how our 24/7 machining capabilities can provide you with the machined parts you need for your company’s next high-volume job.


24/7 Machining or “Lights Out Machining” Extends Work Capabilities Beyond Regular Hours

In the pre-modern machining era, when the lights in a shop went out, the machines stopped running. As Modern Tech Machining’s name implies, we work with advanced Swiss machines that extend our business hours indefinitely. Due to the programmable nature of our CNC machines, we can begin a machining run without requiring constant oversight. While we continue to maintain a robust quality assurance program that will be described in greater detail below, the precision offered by our Swiss machines makes meeting your desired specs simple.


Even the Most Advanced Machines Require Talented Machinists to Make Them Work Correctly

In addition to our lights out machining capabilities, we employ a team that is well versed in both programming and maintaining every machine at our Marysville, MI based facility. This means that we can get the maximum production out of each Swiss machine we possess while also guaranteeing the quality of our machined parts. We know that state-of-the-art machines are of limited use without the right team programming and overseeing them, which is why we take maintaining the employment of our talented workforce as seriously as we do. 


Lights Out Machining Coupled with a Quality Assurance Program Ensures Precision

Our CNC machines can operate 24/7 while offering granular precision on high-volume jobs, but no machine will fully eliminate the need for human involvement. In addition to programming our CNC machines for each job, our team of experienced machinists maintains a thorough quality assurance program. In addition to the keen eyes of our team, we perform a thorough set of testing processes to review our work and ensure any potential flaws are noticed prior to delivery to avoid any impact in a machined part’s intended environment. While errors are rare given the precision of our equipment and quality of the metals we work with, testing is a vital part of our quality assurance process. If you would like to learn about our quality assurance program and how we keep you up to date throughout the entire machining process, you can contact us to learn more.


Modern Tech Machining Maintains Advanced Swiss Turn Machines and an Expansive Facility 

When we discuss our advanced Swiss CNC machines, we are talking about an expansive array of modern tools. With multi-axis CNC machining centers manufactured by Citizen, Doosan, Hardinge, and more, our capabilities are even more expansive than the above might suggest. We house these machining centers at our clean and well-maintained 11,600 sqft facility in Marysville, MI. We can machine a variety of components from many durable metals, examples of which you can explore on our site.

Contract with an ITAR Registered Machining Shop for High Volume 24/7 Machining near Detroit 

Modern Tech Machining has recently become ITAR registered and we are maintaining compliance with this important regulation. Our ITAR registration expands our ability to offer 24/7 machining services to industries including Defense, Aerospace, and others that work within the scope of ITAR. While our work has always been done in compliance with regulations and advanced quality assurance programs, earning our ITAR registration adds formality to our compliance processes. 

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