A Boutique CNC Machining Shop Offering Prototype and Low-Volume Machining in MI

A Boutique CNC Machining Shop Offering Prototype and Low-Volume Machining in MI


Modern Tech Machining is a boutique CNC machining shop offering prototype and low-volume machining in MI with a suite of advanced CNC equipment, a talented team, and thorough experience serving our growing OEM and Tier 1 customer base. Our precision machining shop in MI is ITAR registered and ready to contract with industries ranging from Defense, Automotive, Aerospace, and Fastener manufacturers, and beyond. We understand the crucial role precision prototyping plays in the development of large-scale products, and we have the equipment needed to complete work that precisely matches your drawings. If you have a prototype machining job in mind and want to discuss it with a knowledgeable machining shop and obtain a competitive quote for the necessary work, you can contact Modern Tech Machining today to begin the process. If you would like to learn more about our boutique machining shop in advance, you can read on and explore our site where plenty of information about our capabilities is readily available. 


Modern Tech Machining is Trusted by OEMs and Tier 1 Suppliers for Prototype Machining


If you are considering low-volume part production or a complex one-off part build, precision prototyping will play a crucial role in this development. With our in-house equipment including multi-access machines and Swiss turn machines, we can work with you to manufacture prototype parts that meet your drawings and set the foundation for a potential production run that you can also contract with Modern Tech Machining to complete. Thanks to our equipment, experience, and focus on quality, our shop is trusted by OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers to handle prototype machining in Michigan, so you can contract with us comfortably knowing we have what it takes to handle your next job with the care, efficiency, and guaranteed quality you need.


Swiss Turn Machining Capabilities Help Us Machine Precise Prototypes in MI


At our 11,600 square foot facility, our Swiss turn and multi-axis machining equipment aids in our team’s ability to machine precise prototype parts such as fasteners, pins, gun components, and much more. We machine materials ranging from stainless steel to titanium and beyond and can machine within tight tolerances of +/-.0001. We also can machine parts with a wide range of lengths and diameters, with experience handling parts 24” and greater in length and diameters as small as 1/32”. We are also an ideal machining shop in MI to choose to machine prototype parts that require pre- machining services like heat treatment or post-machining service including plating. With these capabilities and specialties, you can safely contract with Modern Tech Machining to serve as your boutique CNC machining shop for prototype and low-volume machining in MI.

ITAR Compliant and Ready to Help with Defense Industry Machining Prototype Work in Michigan


Modern Tech Machining is now ITAR registered machining shop, making us an ideal option for Defense Industry customers to choose as their boutique machining shop offering prototype and low-volume machining in MI. We fully understand the importance of ITAR compliance when completing prototype machining work for the Defense industry and maintaining this compliance on low-volume jobs. Our team is also fully understanding of the importance of handling machining work for the Defense industry and its potential implications on national security. We take on low-volume and prototype machining jobs with the seriousness they deserve and strive to offer exceptional quality with prompt lead times on all our Defense industry contracts.


Contract with Us to Create a Prototype, Then Come Back for Low-High Volume Machining

Thanks to our capabilities, you can contract with our team for a prototype machining contract then come back to us to produce the prototype part in low-volume or even high-volume if desired. We want to serve your company as fully as possible and would welcome the opportunity to help you set your production up on a solid foundation with precise prototype machining work. Whether you eventually need a low-volume production run completed or not, we are here to serve your machining needs.

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