Modern Tech Machining

Proudly Providing Swiss CNC Machining & CNC Milling and Turning Services Throughout the U.S.

Modern Tech Machining specializes in producing small and/or long, high precision turned parts as well as CNC milled and turned parts for customers throughout the United States. Our sophisticated equipment allows us to run prototype, low-volume, and high-volume production in a variety of materials for any industry, including automotive, defense, aerospace, fastener, and agriculture. Whether you are looking to source a hot prototype job or a high-volume component for a stock and release program, we quote fast and deliver quality parts on time.

Service & Quality

We have proven experience serving OEM and tier 1 manufacturers across multiple industries. This means we have the equipment, machining knowledge, and quality expertise to meet the most demanding requirements. We are ITAR registered and ISO 9001:2015 certified [PENDING] with certified AS9100 Internal Auditor ownership. We’re passionate about quality management, and ISO standards are the foundation of both our day-to-day operations and business management. We also have an extensive network of secondary suppliers for pre- and post-machining processes.
Components Display

Our core competencies include:

  • Prototype, Low-Volume, and High-Volume Production
  • 7-Axis Swiss Turn Machining
  • Mill/Turn Machining
  • 3- and 4-Axis Turning and Milling
  • High-Tolerance Machining (+/- .0001)

We’d love to discuss how we can achieve improved quality, lower costs, and faster delivery on your new or legacy parts programs.

these core competencies allow us to be great at:

  • Machining parts as small as 1/32” in diameter, long parts, thin parts, and parts as large as basketball-size
  • Parts with demanding quality and surface finish requirements
  • Automating your job for faster delivery and lower cost
  • Legacy screw machine parts that require better quality and higher accuracy
  • Turned parts with added milling requirements
  • Machining various materials, including stainless, titanium, Inconel, tool steel, brass, and plastics
  • Managing the entire manufacturing process, from planning to post-machining finishing services

Our Equipment

In our spotless 11,600sf facility, Modern Tech Machining has and meticulously maintains the latest and most effective machining technology with tried-and-true workhorses to achieve the highest quality and automation at the lowest cost.
We follow strict preventative maintenance procedures, employ redundant equipment for risk mitigation, and run lights out 24/7 machining. We also run two staffed shifts and have space in our facility to expand.

At Modern Tech Machining, we become experts on our machines. While many shops purport to have the latest equipment, they don’t know how to effectively use or optimize it, driving up your costs, impacting your quality, and slowing your delivery. We know that mastering our equipment is what keeps us competitive, our quality superior, and our customers happy.

Contact us to learn more about how our equipment can reduce your costs and improve your quality, or for a tour of our facility. We love visitors!

Our equipment currently includes:

  • Clean and bright 11,600sf Facility
  • (2) Citizen Cincom A20 Swiss Lathes with Live Tooling and Bar Feeders
  • Doosan Lynx 220LSYC Multi-Tasking Turning Center w/ Sub Spindle, Y-Axis, Live Tooling, & Bar Feeder
  • (3) Hardinge CNHC III Super Precision Lathes with Bar Feeders
  • Fadal 4525 3-Axis Mill
  • Fadal 4020 3-Axis Mill with 4th Axis
  • Fadal 2016 3-Axis Mill
  • Mitutoyo PH14 Optical Comparator with Digital Read Out
  • Mitutoyo Manual CMM with Renishaw Probe
  • Mastercam CAD/CAM Software