Quality CNC Machining Services in MI for the Defense Industry

Quality CNC Machining Services in MI for the Defense Industry

Modern Tech Machining is staffed by a team that fully understands the importance of offering quality CNC machining services in MI for the Defense Industry. Knowing that the parts we machine can be involved in national defense and keeping our armed services members safe means our team takes this work as seriously as it deserves to be taken. As we will outline within this article, our combination of precision oriented Swiss Turn machines, high-volume capabilities, ITAR compliance, and a robust Quality Assurance program make Modern Tech Machining perfectly suited to even the toughest Defense Industry machining jobs. We invite you to contact us for a quote to find out how competitive our pricing, lead times, and quality are for your next Defense-related machining job.


Choosing an ITAR Certified Machine Shop for Defense Industry Machining Work


Regulatory compliance is a crucial component of offering quality CNC machining services in MI for the Defense industry. For this reason, Modern Tech Machining is ITAR registered and compliant, which means you can choose us for Defense industry machining jobs without having to worry about running afoul of this important regulation. 

Further, while compliance is important, so too is quality. Our team knows that precision output of our machined components is a necessity when working with Defense Industry customers. For this reason, we maintain a robust Quality Assurance program designed to ensure that our machined products match the drawings you provide, and our CNC machines allow us to maintain tight tolerances to meet your expectations.


Swiss Machines Can Handle Diverse Materials for Low and High-Volume Jobs


Our Swiss Turn Machining capabilities mean that we can machine substrates with complex geometries and handle a diverse array of metals. Our low and high-volume machining work can be completed on materials ranging from Alloy steels including 4140, 6150, and 8620 as well as stainless steel, aluminu

m, brass, and other durable compounds. This ability to work comfortably with such a wide selection of materials means we can take on your Defense Industry machining jobs even when they call for less commonly used metals. You can learn more about the full range of metals with which our talented team and advanced CNC machines can work here.


Modern Tech Machining Believes in Using Modern CNC Machines


The team at Modern Tech Machining believes the word ‘Modern’ in our name requires maintaining advanced machines that are worthy of that description. Thanks to our Swiss Turn Machines maintained in-house, we have the advanced equipment needed to handle jobs for the Defense Industry ranging from product prototype machining to high-volume military contracts calling for machined parts with counts ranging into the millions. With our ability to offer lights out machining, our lead times are as competitive as the prices we offer for our quality work.


Expect More from Modern Tech Machining: Value-Added Services


When contracting with Modern Tech Machining for Quality CNC machining services in MI for the Defense Industry, you will be able to benefit in ways that go beyond machining. The value of working with our team includes having access to solutions such as light assembly work, expedited delivery when urgent needs arise, and technical support for companies with in-house CNC machines but limited experience using them. We also add value to our OEM and Tier 1 customers by offering OEM and Tier 1 approval quality reporting to help guarantee that the quality of our output meets their precise specifications. Whether you are seeking to contract with an ITAR compliant shop for a machining job only or if you require an all-encompassing job that includes value-added services, Modern Tech Machining will be glad to offer a competitive quote.

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