Automotive Parts & Engine Component Machining for the Aftermarket Industry in MI

Automotive Parts & Engine Component Machining for the Aftermarket Industry in MI

Quality Engine Component Machining for the Aftermarket Automotive Industry

Modern Tech Machining is an ideal CNC machining shop for aftermarket automotive industry companies in need of quality engine component machining. With Swiss Turn Machining and Multi-Axis CNC Machining capabilities, our shop produces the most complex engine component parts that contracts can call for while also offering competitive lead times and low costs. We invite you to contact our team today to begin discussing your needs and obtain a quote from our Michigan-based machining shop.

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A Wide Range of Aftermarket Automotive Engine Components Machined in Marysville, MI

Aftermarket automotive component customers who choose Modern Tech Machining for their contract machining needs appreciate the breadth of quality automotive engine components that our team can produce. We produce quality auto engine components that include:

  • Hydraulic, Fuel, AN-style, Quick Disconnect, and Fuel Line Fittings
  • Fuel and Carburetor Jets and Fuel Orifices
  • Engine Component Fasteners
  • Fuel Pressure Regulator Components
  • Towers and Bodies for Fuel Pressure Regulators
  • Fuel Filter Housings
  • Many More…

Whether you need a precisely produced component listed above or a more customized engine part machined, Modern Tech Machining is your go-to resource for advanced machining near Marysville, MI. Contact us today to learn how our advanced CNC machining solutions can help you solve your auto engine component machining challenges.

Experienced Auto Component Machining Experts

To complement our expansive range of CNC capabilities, we employ a team of skilled machining professionals with years of experience who work closely both with one another and our contract machining customers to ensure parts are produced exactly as desired. Although highly advanced, CNC Machining equipment inherently requires a human component to access its full potential and ensure product quality. When you work with our team, you will not only find our in-house staff to be machining experts and understanding of your needs, but you will also find them to be helpful in making recommendations on how your work can be completed with the shortest lead time and at the lowest cost possible. We have the experience and machine sophistication needed to be able to offer the most efficient and scalable machining solutions possible.

Quality Assurance to Guarantee Automotive Component Quality

At Modern Tech Machining, we take quality guarantees seriously and have quality assurance programs in place to honor them. We have an extensive testing and inspection program in place that is designed to ensure any product machined at our shop meets your specifications and expectations. Without quality products we understand that our competitive prices and lead times would mean little, so no engine component machined here is overlooked during our QA process.

In-House Swiss Turn Machining Capabilities and More Offers Precision and Flexibility

With a range of multi-axis CNC Machines and Swiss Turn Machining capabilities, Modern Tech Machining maintains the tools needed to ensure only the highest quality automotive engine parts are manufactured here in the most efficient manner possible. Our machining capabilities make us a sought-after shop for:

  • Surface finishes and thread quality
  • Holding tolerances that are above industry standards
  • Milling and Turning with a streamlined manufacturing process
  • Automation and lights-out machining
  • Low-volume and prototype machining
  • High-Volume machining for parts ranging into the millions

The above is only a brief list of our capabilities which go beyond engine component part machining and quality assurance and into a wide range of value-added services that most boutique-style shops do not offer. We look forward to hearing from you and beginning to solve your engine component machining challenges soon!

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